Tree of Life Chakra Necklace
Tree of Life Chakra Necklace
Tree of Life Chakra Necklace

Tree of Life Chakra Necklace

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The seven chakras are represented with beautiful stones in this silver plated necklace on a black 17.5 inch wax cord. 

Amethyst- a beautiful healing stone both physically and emotionally; known as a protector stone associated with mental clarity and inner strength.  

Quartz- Another extremely powerful healing stone that helps to heal old emotional wounds and increase energy. Absorbs and releases energy.

Citrine- Citrine is a happy stone that brings about good luck and good fortune in the owners life. Known to fight depression, increase success and prosperity; referred to as the “Success Stone”. 

Aventurine- Known for luck and prosperity, a very gentle stone that provides a sense of calm to the holder and helps balance energy and provide happiness.  

Tiger's Eye- Powerful stone that helps us to better understand our emotions and helps to release fear and anxiety in stressful situations. Known for grounding, protection and courage. 

Opal- Also known as the “Eye Stone”; dedicated to the eyes that it inspires love, hope, luck and happiness. Acts as a prism within a person’s aura; enhances imagination and creativity.  

Lapis Lazuli- This is considered a good luck stone that helps to raise your vibrational frequency and obtain better emotional and physical balance in your life. Protects against negative energy.

Each necklace is reiki infused. See our aromatherapy option to add a healing chakra scent.

A small bag of complimentary reiki-infused sea glass is included with each order.